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A Question for Believers – Are there any limits to your faith?

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Yet another George Carlin post

For the third time in recent weeks, I’ve had something Carlin related stuck in my head. The video I am including is much longer than the piece I’ve had in my mind, but it’s where the bit in my head … Continue reading

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Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC

I’m certain this will be all over the blogosphere today, and I don’t really want to add any of my own thoughts to this currently (but I may in the comments if requested or as an update to this later). … Continue reading

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George Carlin on Religion

I’m not really certain why this came to mind today, but for whatever reason this quote was stuck in my head today. And since this quote is from somebody I respect and is one I fully agree with, I felt … Continue reading

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Greatest Athlete Ever

I realize I don’t write about sports as much as I had originally envisioned, but I am a HUGE sports fan. I check out multiple blogs and sports related websites daily, follow “my” teams, and am generally up on the … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins: The Genius of Charles Darwin

As we approach the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, Richard Dawkins presents the ultimate guide to Darwin and his revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection which Dawkins … Continue reading

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So, who is YOUR favorite astrophysicist?

It’s a random question I ask my wife occasionally. While she almost never has an answer, the specific answer is not the point, the fact that you never hear a question like this that is the point. Most people I … Continue reading

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Climate change? Once more, ‘I don’t know’

I had come across this a few times through podcasts, blogs, etc. And each time I came across it, something new struck me. Now I am a huge fan of Penn and Teller, so I was automatically interested in reading … Continue reading

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Is Atheism a (Religion/Faith/Belief System/etc)?

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Roy Zimmerman’s “To Be a Liberal”

I found Roy on Pharyngula recently. He’s a satirical musician, who does some great songs making fun of many topics, from stereotypes about Liberals, Creationism, Political Correctness, and more… The following video is the one that PZ posted on his blog, … Continue reading

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