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22 Comments From Christopher Hitchens

22 COMMENTS FROM CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, to Herald his Forthcoming Book, HITCH-22: A MEMOIR. COMING IN JUNE 2010 $26.99 ($32.99 in Canada) #1 New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist Christopher Hitchens—one of the most admired and controversial … Continue reading

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Religion is a Load of Bullshit!

Richard Dawkins is speaking in Australia at the annual Adelaide Writer’s Week festivities. The date is March 1st, 2010, and this segment is from the Q&A period at the end. The questioner tells of his upbringing by “religious crackpots” and … Continue reading

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One answer to “Should we support SHARE?”

Recently Ron Lindsey from the Center For inquiry, wrote a piece titled “Should We Support SHARE?“. Ron starts off with a brief, but good description of what SHARE is: The Center for Inquiry sponsors coordinated charitable giving through SHARE (the … Continue reading

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Johnny Cash “Highway 61 Revisited/When The Man Comes Around”

Today’s Music Monday post is a bit of a departure from it’s stated intent (to highlight lesser known artists/songs). Today’s song (well actually it’s a combination of two songs) is quite well known, in fact I’d be pretty shocked if … Continue reading

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Because evolution happens, and the fossil record shows it…

Many time creationists will pull out the old line “well show me a transitional fossil”, not understanding that virtually every extinct species that was not a dead end itself, IS a transitional fossil. And even more importantly, every living species … Continue reading

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Abolish Religious Exemptions from the Law?

In the United States and other countries, religious institutions have traditionally enjoyed a privileged position, i.e., they have been granted exemptions from compliance with certain laws (including, without limitation, laws against discrimination in employment and laws requiring the payment of … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Moment

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge” – Carl Sagan

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The jewish/christian/muslim god as a bad computer programmer

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The Evolution of Philosophy

This one is dedicated to my favorite philosopher, Sarah…

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Liz Phair’s “California”

For today’s Music Monday, I’m bringing you “California” from the EP “Juvenilia” by Liz Phair. While I’m pretty sure I may have posted this before, I’m even more sure that I’m listening to it right now, and really like it, … Continue reading

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