Rodibidably Is…

While I am not 100% sure how this blog will grow, I will continue to use it as a way to collect and refine my thoughts on various subjects, as well as share a variety of random things (videos, music, other blogs, web sites, etc).

There seemingly has been little rhyme or reason to the posts, because I have many topics I feel are important on different days. Perhaps some day I will determine how better to refine things, and better organize my thoughts, but until then, this blog will remain a random collection of unorganized thoughts, but if you check the categories to the right, you’ll see the topics I have tended to write about so far.

While I am come up with many ideas for various topics to cover, if there is something specific somebody would like me to cover I will try to do my best. Also if I notice a trend in the more popular posts, I will make a concerted effort to expand upon those topics as much as I am able.

Some people may notice that in some of my posts, I only give a quick introduction and then a video or transcript from some other source. In these cases I am generally posting items which I think speak for themselves, and I don’t want to clutter the post with my own interpretation, I feel that my thoughts should mostly be left for the comments.

As for a few words about me:

I write many posts that might help you define me, but few posts that are directly about me
I am an atheist, but I do not fit many of the stereotypes associated with atheists
I am a skeptic, with some of what that entails, but perhaps not all you might think
I am not a fan of labels, even when they are valid
I am politically quite Liberal, but I am most certainly not Politically Correct, and I do not believe that offending others is wrong
I believe all topics can be the foundation for humor
And that humor is one of the best traits of humanity
I’m an avid fan of many styles of music, but my true passion musically is most certainly Bob Dylan
I work in IT
I am an amateur science geek with an avid
interest in astronomy, evolution, general science, and many skeptical topics

Last Updated: 3/16/2009

10 Responses to Rodibidably Is…

  1. 1arabella says:

    Dear rodibidably,
    I found you another one to get upset about…

  2. Rodibidably says:

    I do enjoy the line about being a “pigs, dogs, wolves, wicked, hypocrites, generation of vipers, seplecurs (sp?), and children of the devil”, but otherwise not sure of what you’d like me to say here…

    It must be nice for him that he is so certain that he knows so much about the way the universe works. Myself I’m still in awe of the unending ignorance of man.

  3. 1arabella says:

    not sure of what you’d like me to say here<

    silence is golden…
    have a nice week,

  4. sportsdiva says:

    Rodibidably,interesting discussion now up, but you might, in your original post, want to change “censured” (which roughly means condemned) to “censored” (which roughly means expunged) in order to keep it within the spirit of open nonjudgemental communication you were espousing.

  5. Rodibidably says:


    Spell checkers are good these days, but apparently my ability to misspell is even better 🙂
    Thanks for the tip…

  6. Rodibidably says:


    Thanks for the spelling, I was way too lazy to look it up previously.


    BTW, the video calls people like me: “pigs, dogs, wolves, wicked, hypocrites, generation of vipers, sepulchres, and children of the devil”

    Ok, “pigs, dogs, wolves” I get, they are aminals to be looked down upon.
    I also get the “wicked, hypocrites, generation of vipers”, they think we are bad people.
    And of course, if they believe in the devil, then calling us “children of the devil” makes sense as well.

    But calling us “a type of tomb or burial chamber” makes NO SENSE at all to me. 🙂

  7. James Dunbar says:

    My name is James Dunbar and I’ve written, illustrated and self-published a scientifically accurate, rhyming comic-book about the origin of the universe. It’s called BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1.
    In promoting it, I’m making it freely available as an eBook. Anyone who would like to see it can e-mail me to request a free, high-resolution PDF, or they can preview the entire book on my website:
    I believe that everyone should have access to a scientifically-based understanding of our creation, and no one should let religion keep them ignorant of the true and miraculous nature of our existence. I would appreciate any feedback, advice or assistance you could offer in helping me reach a wider audience. Would it be alright if I sent you a PDF copy of my book?

    Thanks for your consideration,

    • Jeff Randall says:

      That sounds really interesting, and I’d love to check it out…

      Once I’ve had a chance to take a look, I can probably recommend a few people/sites that would help you spread the word about it much more…

  8. Graham Booth says:

    Do you know who holds the copyright for the spoken part on Johnny Cash “Highway 61 Revisited/When The Man Comes Around”? I’d like to use it in a service of worship.

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