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The Leaky Brain

The Leaky Brain is yet another humorous WordPress blog I’ve stumbled across recently. I’ve actually come across this two different times (from two different articles) and both times I actually laughed out loud. These two articles, DNA Paternity Testing Brought … Continue reading

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A Study in Intellectual Dishonesty

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The Terror of Nuclear Power

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Steven Colbert would be so happy – Bear convicted for theft of honey

The following article comes from BBC News World. I ran across this while I was watching the Colbert Report on TV, so it seemed especially funny at the time. —– The taste of honey was just too tempting for a … Continue reading

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A More Perfect Union

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Atheism, Door to Door…

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Keith Richards warns Amy Winehouse off drugs

Normally I would not be posting this, since I’m not a huge fan of either artist (I like them, but I would not call myself a fan) and I generally like to post things which I am positive towards, or … Continue reading

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Blog Searching / Linking

I was playing around the other day, checking out what IceRocket, Google Blog, and Technorati had to say about who’s linking to my blog. The first thing I noticed is that Mark Cuban’s IceRocket, which was supposed to be the … Continue reading

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Basic Concepts in Science: A List

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Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”

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