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Government Ban of Burqas

Typically my blog posts are opinionated, and show a sense of certainty on whatever issue I am posting about… Today is not quite typical… Typically I have a very strong opinion on a topic, and feel justified in arguing that … Continue reading

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Sarah McLachlan’s “Dear God”

One of the most stirring voices of my lifetime, singing some of the most provocative lyrics of all time… Dear God, Hope you got the letter and I pray you can make it better down here. I don’t mean a … Continue reading

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The right-wing view of Mark Sanford’s affair

When news of Republican Governor Mark Sanford’s extra-curricular activities surfaced this week it was obvious that both sides of the political spectrum would put their own spin on events. Based on the current stereotypes of the 3 “major” cable news … Continue reading

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Imogen’s “Hide And Seek “

Since I don’t go to clubs any more, I don’t typically get to hear the latest new house / trance music these days. At least not until I picked up on Tiesto’s ClubLife podcast… Tiesto does a great job mixing … Continue reading

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Are Atheists all Cynical? Do Atheists Disbelieve Everything They Hear?

[Originally posted by: Jack Rival on Facebook]  Myth: Atheists are all just cynics. They reject God because of a cynical distrust of what others tell them. Response: It’s not common for atheists to be openly described as cynical, or at … Continue reading

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Getting a Grip

I ran across this some time ago, and saved it as a reminder to buy the book for myself. Well I’ve bought it now, but I felt it was also worth sharing… The following is an excerpt from Monica Seles’ … Continue reading

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Craptastic poetry of the moment

Think of this as my attempt at an homage to the guest on Thursday’s Colbert Report… Back hurt Pain from accident when younger Back hurt Heat works other times But not today Back hurt Need relief Back hurt Percocet Zzzzz…

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La Roux – In For The Kill (Dean Coleman & Nima Nas Remix)

Jeff, Michele, and other house music fans, I believe you should like this just as much as I do… The version that Tiesto plays on clublife, is a slightly shortened (but MUCH better quality) version of this, and worth downloading … Continue reading

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George Hrab’s “Brains, Body, Both”

I was asked recently, what I would look for in a woman. As it’s been such a long time since I gave that any thought I did not have an answer… Luckily for me, George Hrab already has an answer … Continue reading

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An open letter to Oprah

To me, it is clear that a significant number of people look up to you, and trust your advice and judgment. That is why it is such a huge mistake for you to endorse Jenny McCarthy with her own show … Continue reading

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