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You, yes you reading this right now, are bisexual…

This title is not directed at a single person, it is actually directed at every human living today, every human who has ever lived, and every human who will ever live… This is an idea I have had in my … Continue reading

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Keep Evolution Out of Schools

Now when I first read this the title set me off. But, before you dismiss the author, read exactly what he is saying and why. While I may not personally agree with his conclusion, I can at least understand where … Continue reading

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Why probabilities are decieving

A friend on facebook recently posted something that stuck in my mind as a interesting topic to discuss here… Take out a standard deck of 52 cards. Pull out 5 cards at random. The odds of having drawn your current … Continue reading

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Respect my Technorati Authority, bitches!

It’s kind of cool the things you learn by seeing who’s clicked through to your blog (and by extension who’s linked to you). Case in point, today I found that Rodibidably is the 200th (out of over 3100) most authoritative … Continue reading

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Gram Rabbit’s “Devil’s Playground”

For today’s Music Monday I am “doubling up” on a previous artist, but it’s actually because last time I posted Gram Rabbit I could not choose which song to use… Oh lord, it’s so bad it’s so bad when you’re … Continue reading

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What Religion You Should Follow?

It’s one of those questions that nobody really has a very good answer to, but it’s one that more people should consider. So with that in mind, and with help from something I found on facebook, I’m here to help:

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Do Not Print These Labels And Put Them In Bibles At Your Local Christian Book Store

I would not condone vandalism; unless it was done in the name of humor, free speech, making a point, winning a bet, etc… [Originally posted at: Truelogic’s Weblog] Warning to All youth.  These labels are for demonstration purposes only and … Continue reading

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A religious nut, an alt-med nut, and a complete nut walk into a photo shoot…

There are times when the jokes are too easy, and best left unsaid… And this is one of those times. And not just because 2 of the 3 could probably kick my ass without breaking a sweat (Oprah being one … Continue reading

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Steve Smith, how stupid is you?

Sport Illustrated does a regular “bit” known as the Pop Culture Grid, where they ask a few athletes from various sports the same series of questions related to recent events, random facts about themselves, and obviously pop culture. Typically the … Continue reading

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Gram Rabbit’s “Cowboys & Aliens”

For today’s Music Monday, I wanted to return to my original idea of lesser known artists… And as a bonus, how many other songs do you know that mention midget porn? (In their defense, the sound quality is not great… … Continue reading

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