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Dave Stewart’s “American Prayer”

As the election draws near, I felt it appropriate to post another video that I feel shows a bit of the inspiration of Barack Obama. I know that by now everybody has their mind made up, and seeing one more … Continue reading

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Ellen DeGeneres – The Real Ellen Story

I don’t recall where I came across this (although I’m thinking it was from the Ellen page on facebook). This is a 5 part video about Ellen coming out on her old sitcom (and even more importantly for her personally, … Continue reading

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Spending an hour with a right-wing, conspiracy theorist, nutjob

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Christopher Hitchens – Sarah Palin’s War on Science

I came across this when it was originally posted (ahh the wonder’s of Google Desktop’s RSS Feed Reader), and wanted to post right away, but with recent travel, and the need for sleep, I did not get around to it … Continue reading

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Eccentric Programmer

I came across this post a few months ago at the Learning Lisp blog. While it’s not a perfect description of me, there were enough points in which I saw myself, that I felt it was worth keeping the link … Continue reading

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McCain at the Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner

I may not agree with his politics, or think much of him as a person (at least not after how he and his campain have conducted themselves during this election), but funny is funny. If the person in this video … Continue reading

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They can’t ALL be this ignorant

I’ve been accused, at times, of being dismissive of people that I don’t agree with. And I would have to agree that in some cases I am dismissive, especially when it comes to willful ignorance. Here is a case in … Continue reading

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If you’re not going to vote Obama, then…

Now you finally have a second viable option in this election…

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An open letter to Sarah Palin

Greetings Governor Palin A Republican who votes with George Bush over 90% of the time IS NOT A FUCKING MAVERICK. Thank you for your time, Rodibidably

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Can a literal interpretation of the bible be consistant with an old earth?

In one of my other posts I mentioned (off hand) that Young-Earth Creationists believe in a literal interpretation of the bible, while Old Earth Creationists do not. Somebody took offense to this characterization and claimed that in fact some Old-Earthers … Continue reading

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