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SUV Phobia

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Quote of the moment

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Jesus Camp

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Skeptical and Scientific podcasts – Part 2

In the comments on my earlier post on Skeptical and Scientific podcasts a reader recommended I check out another related podcast. From there, with the help of iTunes, I also ran across another of a similar vein. There is also … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Debate

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Skeptical and Scientific podcasts

Over the last year or so I have begun listening to various podcasts on many topics. This post will deal with the science and skeptical based podcasts that I have found to be the most informative and entertaining. The reason … Continue reading

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“… Made Easy” Series

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John Lennon’s “God”

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Stuff White People Like

Surfing around I came across Stuff White People Like. While this site should perhaps be renamed Stuff Relatively Well Off Liberal White Yuppies Like, it is mostly bang on and absolutely hilarious. They are currently doing a good job … Continue reading

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Evolution of Dance

And now for something completely different… This video comes from Judson Laipply via, and is absolutely hilarious. I felt this would make a good Non sequitur to get his blog a bit more light hearted since it seems I … Continue reading

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