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The Placebo Effect – A Question…

A recent episode of Skeptoid on the Placebo Effect made me think of a simple, yet interesting question. But before I get to my question, I’d like to get into a little background on The Placebo Effect, courtesy Brian Dunning… … Continue reading

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NOM – Gathering Storm – What Storm?

I wanted to write and post my own thought-out, well worded, response to the “Gathering Storm” PSA by the National Organization for Marriage. And while I was looking for the transcript of it, so I could go point by point, … Continue reading

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Unexpected Absence As Of Late

I know I have not posted much as of late, and I apologize for that… It’s been unavoidable, as work, travel, and life have all conspired to not give me enough time to screw around online (hell, I’m even about … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens on Free Speech and Freedom of Expression

Hitchens does one of the best jobs I’ve ever come across of explaining why freedom of speech is so important. There is a profound difference between having to agree with somebody’s opinions, and everybody having the right to their own … Continue reading

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A few Eddie Izzard videos on Religion

In keeping with this week’s (apparent) theme of videos about religion by comedians, I give you Eddie Izzard… Eddie Izzard on Religion Eddie Izzard interview: God doesn’t exist Eddie Izzard vs. creationism

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Family Guy: Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

I had received at least 4 emails, and seen at 2 (or 3) blogs, and had at least 4 different FaceBook friends post this video. Not being all that into Family Guy, I saved the link, and figured I would … Continue reading

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Lewis Black Explains Religion

Originally I felt like posting a long description of this video, explaining in detail how true Lewis Black’s comedy is. But the longer I listened to it, the more I laughed, and forgot to write down my thoughts… So instead … Continue reading

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