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6 (Hopefully) Semi-Quick Questions For Theists

I know that this will spark many discussions, and while I think that is inherently a good thing, that’s actually not the intent here. My intent is to answer questions from a theists POV that I don’t know how you’ll … Continue reading

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DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop (2007 and 2008)

To end the year off with something a bit more lighthearted and fun, I give to you two mash-ups of the top songs from the last two years… Enjoy. 2007: 2008:

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What’s The Harm

I have come across this site ( many times and finally got around to posting about it. But instead of doing a piss poor job of describing it myself, I’ll leave it up to them to describe themselves… We are … Continue reading

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Quote of the Moment

I think the trouble with being a critical thinker or an atheist, or a humanist is that you’re right. And it’s quite hard being right in the face of people who are wrong without sounding like a fuckwit. People go … Continue reading

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The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”

Wishing everybody a “happy my wife’s birthday”. And to all those who are curious as to why I am postinmg this particular song, pay close attention to the lyrics, it’ll bring a tear to your eye (or make you piss … Continue reading

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Daniel Loxton – “Where Do We Go From here?”

Some time ago I heard a series of Skepticality episodes (original episode and  a later response to the original episode where they talked about an article written by Daniel Loxton, titled “Where Do We Go From here? Has classic skepticism … Continue reading

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Ricardo in “The Delivery”

This video stars a good friend, Ricky “Ricardo Montalban” Evans, who is an actor. I hope you all enjoy his work… For some reason the video does not seem to be working, so I’m including a link to the video … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Tolerance”

On three completly unrelated occasions recently I have been in a discussion with people who have brought up various version of the same question:“If [so-and-so group] was more tolerant of [group discriminated against], would this change your opinion of [first … Continue reading

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I’d like to say that I was one of the many many people who could not wait for this video when it was first released. I’d like to say I was a huge fan of Joss Whedon and the cast … Continue reading

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Jesus meek and mild? Or…?

I came across this quote on the Daily Kos, and found it quite intriguing… Now here is a curious thing. It is believed by everybody that while [God] was in heaven he was stern, hard, resentful, jealous, and cruel; but … Continue reading

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