Rodibidably Rating

I’ve recently gone through all of my Reviews and added a rating (on a 1-5 basis) for each item (website, song, artist, etc) I have reviewed. I did this at least partially due to a few questions I have received as to my view on various things I had reviewed, and partially due to one review which I did where the person’s who’s videos I reviewed focused more on the negatives in my comments than the overwhelming positives.

Before I get into my rating system, I’d like to address those points quickly. In general I had felt that by reviewing something, unless the review as COMPLETELY negative, that I was giving it a kind of approval of sorts. To the best of my recollection, the only review that I have given that fits this, is my recent one on What the BLEEP Do We Know?. This review was in my mind obviously negative, while the others have been generally positive. This of course leads us to the other point that has been brought up, which is that even on my “positive” reviews I have emphasized the negatives more than I “should” have. After hearing this (ok, actually reading this) I went back and read my reviews, and this seems to be a valid point. Since I had gone off the assumption that reviews that are not overtly and thoroughly negative should be taken as an endorsement, I had tended to focus on the negatives for my comments. Looking back now, I can see this may have given the wrong impression to some degree, so I have gone back to try to fix this “problem”.

I have also added the following ratings to each of my previous reviews:

Complete and utter trash, but good for a laugh, or to learn what stupid people believe in.
Decent, but not something you rush out to see. If you’re bored it’s a good time filler.
If you’re up for something fun (informative, funny, etc), then you should check this out, you’l thank me later, preferably with cash gifts.
Check this out right now. Don’t continue reading my view on it, go click on the link right away and see for yourself.
Absolute genius. I could not possibly recommend this more.

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