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Steve Smith, how stupid is you?

Sport Illustrated does a regular “bit” known as the Pop Culture Grid, where they ask a few athletes from various sports the same series of questions related to recent events, random facts about themselves, and obviously pop culture. Typically the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Moment

Today’s quote is not profound Today’s quote does not make you think Today’s quote is not important Today’s quote is not from a famous scientist, philosopher, skeptic, thinker, etc Today’s quote doe not make a statement on the human condition … Continue reading

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One plan for the Atlanta Braves for next year

It’s time once again for one of my rare and random sports related posts… Having grown up in Atlanta, I became a fan of the various Atlanta sports teams (except the hockey team, I just don’t understand how somebody that … Continue reading

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At a loss for words to describe…

This guy does some of the most unbelievable things anybody has ever done on a bike… It does start a tad slow (skip the first 1 minute, you won’t miss much), but HOLY CRAP he is amazing once the video … Continue reading

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What did Warren Spahn know?

While this is not my typical subject matter I post about here, I do let the occasional sports post creep in. And this post I think shows a good example of not taking s0mething at face value, and taking the … Continue reading

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Getting a Grip

I ran across this some time ago, and saved it as a reminder to buy the book for myself. Well I’ve bought it now, but I felt it was also worth sharing… The following is an excerpt from Monica Seles’ … Continue reading

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Hawks – LeBrons series

I don’t often post about sports on my blog, but I do consider myself a big sports fan. Being an Atlanta fan all my life, and with the Hawks (Atlanta’s NBA team for those who don’t follow)about to be knocked … Continue reading

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A few thoughts the SuperBowl brought up

Two quick thoughts that all of today’s hype has brought to mind: When a team is repeatedly referred to as “destined” to win (or other language that basically means the same thing), does that imply the other team is somehow … Continue reading

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Thoughts on John Smoltz signing with the Red Sox

I’ll start with saying that Smoltz is one of my top 3-5 all-time Braves players. For me personally, he is the personification of the Braves run from 1991 – 2005. And until this news hit, I had no doubts that … Continue reading

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Greatest Athlete Ever

I realize I don’t write about sports as much as I had originally envisioned, but I am a HUGE sports fan. I check out multiple blogs and sports related websites daily, follow “my” teams, and am generally up on the … Continue reading

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