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The Origin of a New Religion

Thanks to the JREF, I came across these two comics about the origins of a religion, and it’s varied sects. It made me laugh, perhaps it will do the same for you…

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What it means to be a Skeptic

I meant to post this on the 18th, in honor of Yoko Ono’s birthday, but I was unable to finish the post until now, so I apologize for being late (sorry Yoko). To get us started on this short (well, we’ll … Continue reading

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The arbitary nature of place of birth (with regards to religion)

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A couple simple(?) questions about prayer

I admit I may have some things wrong here, and if I do, I’m certain that somebody will be *helpful* and correct me where I am wrong… My idea here is that there are a few things about prayer that … Continue reading

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Tyranny of the Majority

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Something about homeopathy I’ve never understood

Perhaps one of my readers understands homeopathy better than I do and can answer this for me. There has always been one specific nagging thing that has never struck me as reasonable when it comes to homeopathy. If diluting a … Continue reading

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Tim Minchin’s “If You Open Your Mind Too Much, Your Brains Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)”

God Damn the SGU. No wait, that doesn’t sound right. God bless the SGU. Nope, still doesn’t seem right. Thank god for the SGU. Hmm, still sounds off. Thanks to whatever caused the big bang, billions of years of star … Continue reading

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New Skepfeeds contributor

Recently Skepfeeds had an Open enrollment for a contributor to help out updating the site regularly. As an avid reader of skeptical blogs myself, I felt that this was a good fit for me to help out. I figured that … Continue reading

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A few thoughts the SuperBowl brought up

Two quick thoughts that all of today’s hype has brought to mind: When a team is repeatedly referred to as “destined” to win (or other language that basically means the same thing), does that imply the other team is somehow … Continue reading

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