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R.E.M. “Leaving New York”

Somehow this songs feels much more appropriate today than what I had previously planned to use for Music Monday… It’s quiet now And what it brings Is everything Comes calling back A brilliant night I’m still awake I looked ahead … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens on Real Time with Bill Maher

“The only worry [the Pope] had was ‘Would this damage the church?’ Would it hurt the church–not the children. Now what I want to know is this: what is the attorney general of the state of Wisconsin now going to … Continue reading

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Mr Deity and the Equation

Mr. Deity frantically throws together his own version of science in an attempt to save his job.

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Quote Of The Moment

“At the heart of science is an essential balance between two seemingly contradictory attitudes – an openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre or counterintuitive they may be, and the most ruthless skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and … Continue reading

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Conversation with a (liberal?) christian fundie…

Over the last day I had an ongoing conversation via facebook with the Admin of a Liberal Democratic Party page on facebook. As a very Liberal person myself, this is one of many Left, Liberal, Democratic, type pages I am … Continue reading

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LHCNews Mar 23, 2010 – New World Record + High energy collisions next Tuesday!

During the LHC ramped two proton beams at the highest energy ever seen, setting the new world record of 3.5Tev per beam. Collisions at 7 Tev are planned for Mar 30th. Follow the event live on! —– And this … Continue reading

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Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing”

For today’s Music Monday, I’m completing the Marvin Gaye trilogy, with my favorite song of his, and one of the top 5 or 10 songs of all time by any artist in any genre… Oh, baby now let’s get down … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Moment

“The essence of the liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead … Continue reading

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Lets Test Them: Evolution vs. Creationism

Continuing with this week’s Evolution theme: Testing the predictions made by both evolution and creationism / intelligent design.

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Top 10 List Why Anti-Evolutionists are WRONG

In discussing evolution with people who doubt its validity I have found they use the same arguments over and over again. I felt it’s time someone put these arguments to the test and hold them against existing facts. To download … Continue reading

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