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Cracker-Gate, just another opinion piece…

I came across this story through the same way that most people originally did, and that is PZ Myers’ blog, Pharyngula (we will go into detail on PZ’s part in this story further below). I had not planned to do a post … Continue reading

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Was The Earth Made For Man?

Listening to a back episode of Science Talk (one of many podcast I listen to regularly) I heard a reading of an essay that I felt was as apt today, as when it was originally written in 1903. The following … Continue reading

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Doing good for the sake of doing good

With all of the negative press around sports (gambling, brawls, cheating, etc) every once in a while it’s nice to see a positive story. And it doesn’t hurt when the story is about a player I was a fan of … Continue reading

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This is my blog… This is my blog on Wordle: I know this is one of those stupid things which will get a TON of hits in the next few weeks/months and then become a distant memory, that nobody is … Continue reading

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Labels, labels… All we are are labels…

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Just something I ran across on some random website, and thought I’d share, since it made me laugh…

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IQ linked to 2004 US Election?

I ran across this on some random spam blog (hence the lack of a link back, since the blog itself is nothing but spam), and thought it would make for a funny quick post. Normally for something like this, making … Continue reading

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The ultimate scientific literature?

I came across this recently, and wanted to include it as part of a profound post on creationism, but decided that post will take too long to finishing writing, so I’ll save that for a later date, and just post … Continue reading

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Bob Marley’s “War”

This song has always been my personal favorite Marley song. As with all of his music, it has a great beat and outstanding lyrics. But this song more than any others of his speaks to me, and I think was the … Continue reading

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