Rodibidably’s Favorites

I was thinking recently about what posts would I recommend somebody check out if I wanted them to get an idea of what this blog is becoming.

Since this blog has a number of different topics I cover I don’t think it’s really quite as simple as a “top 10 list” type of thing, but instead I figured that I would list a few of the overall topics I feel are most In some cases these posts are intentionally related to each other, in other cases they are completely separate from other posts, and just happen to be on a similar subject or topic as other posts.

Questions from Rodibidably:

Science and Skepticism:


Humor in Religion:


Other Random Topics (to be read in no particular order):

While this is not to say that the other posts on this blog are irrelevant, these are the posts that I would personally recommend to somebody wishing to get an idea of what Rodibidably is all about.

Last Updated: 8/7/2008

1 Response to Rodibidably’s Favorites

  1. Diana says:

    I really like the Carl Sagan quote you chose, and the Dawkins quote about “innocent children…’.

    You pose some very interesting questions and make intelligent arguments. I think it’s incredibly important to question, to analyze, to establish our own belief systems.

    I’m sure your blog has raised positive awareness about the evils of Jesus Camp and other such frightening experiences children have been exposed too.

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