A Humanist Creed

A friend of mine wrote and sent this to me before the recent winter holidays, and I had forgotten to share it here until today…

Our Father whom aren’t in heaven, hollow by thy name.
For mans kingdom hath come and only my will can be done.
I give not into on this day the fear and dread of when we will be dead.
For that is truly the temptation which roots all evil.
In nourishment and bread I give my body life for there to be thought within my head.
In strength we build with our neighbors, holding truth and protecting form trespasses.
Forgiveness and wisdom is sought, but our lives may not be bought for false hopes they seek to play against you.
For now in our kingdom we are our own salvation in this ever forever in ourselves is the power to build humanity in glory.


Michael Christopher Aviance


About Rodibidably

Jeff Randall is a frequent volunteer for free-thought organizations, including the Center For Inquiry – DC. Having been blogging since January 2008, he decided that a community of bloggers would be an interesting new experience (or at the very least a fun way to annoy his friends into reading his posts more frequently). Since finding out about about the existence of, and then joining, the atheist/skeptic community in 2007 he has been committed to community activism, critical thinking in all aspects of life, science, reason, and a fostering a secular society.
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2 Responses to A Humanist Creed

  1. poietes says:

    That is one helluva creed. I like it.

    • Jeff Randall says:

      I think what I like best about it, is that the person who wrote it and sent it to me, is a believer, not an atheist…

      At the very least he seems to understand the humanist point of view…

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