A religion for everybody!!!

Are you a flawed human being?
At some point in your life have you felt overwhelmed with guilt and can’t find any way out?
Do you have some dark recess of your mind that you are ashamed of?

Are you willing to accept any story no matter how ridiculous?
Do you like to pretend you know what you’re talking about when you haven’t got a fucking clue?

Well you are in luck today!

Whatever your individual flaw, if your current religion does not cover it, just switch religions…

No need to change any aspect of yourself or your actual life, just find a religion where your deviant nature is acceptable…

Do you like having sex with underage girls, try mormonism or islam!
Do you like having sex with underage boys, try catholicism!
Are you already an anorexic vegan masochist, try hinduism!
Do you have major anger issues, try islam!
Are you sexually repressed or secretly gay, try protestantism!
Do you like being really mystical and believing in… well… just being mystical and stuff, try buddhism!
Are you a flakey douche-bag, try new age mysticism!
Are you completely bat-shit insane, try scientology!

There is a religion for everybody!!!


About Rodibidably

Jeff Randall is a frequent volunteer for free-thought organizations, including the Center For Inquiry – DC. Having been blogging since January 2008, he decided that a community of bloggers would be an interesting new experience (or at the very least a fun way to annoy his friends into reading his posts more frequently). Since finding out about about the existence of, and then joining, the atheist/skeptic community in 2007 he has been committed to community activism, critical thinking in all aspects of life, science, reason, and a fostering a secular society.
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6 Responses to A religion for everybody!!!

  1. writerdood says:

    Hmm… religion appears to be all about sex, food and insanity. What about my need to perform miracles. Yeah, I just want to move objects with my mind. What have you got for me? Oh, and I’d like to be ageless and immortal too. (Please don’t say I should become a vampire, because they aren’t real).

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