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Hard Evidence – Seven salient facts about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

As always Christopher Hitchens seems to have a spectacular way with words to describe the situation at hand… [Originally posted at: Slate Magazine] The admonition not to rush to judgment or jump to conclusions might sound fair and prudent enough, … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson Non sequitur vs. Hitchens intellectual honesty

Compare and contrast the style and intellectual capacity of each side of this type of argument… It seems that Pat Robertson lacks curiosity and imagination. You look at the natural world and just say God did it? No study of … Continue reading

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Ethical Question Of The Moment

One of the many podcasts I listen to is Skeptically Speaking. In the most recent episode on Human Research Ethics one of the listeners asked a question that made me laugh, but also made me question and wonder what the … Continue reading

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Catholic Bishops Contradict Science Again

[Originally posted at: Life Without A Net] AP reports that the Catholic Church has again gotten things wrong with regard to gays and marriage: BALTIMORE – The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops have affirmed that the church defines marriage between one man and … Continue reading

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David Brent “Free Love On The Freelove Freeway”

A song from the funniest man alive today… ‘Freelove’ written and sung by Philanthropist, Philosopher and Comedian David Brent – simply, a man who put a smile on the face of all who he met. Pretty girl on the hood … Continue reading

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Was Hitler an atheist?

It comes up time and time again in online forums and blog comments. Somebody, usually a christian, mentions that atheism caused WW2 and Communism. While I may do another post later on Communism and Stalin, this one is directed at … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry Debate Catholics

This debate has gotten quite a few comments online, but the video itself had not actually made it’s way online, until recently… Watch as Hitchens and Fry just show the inadequacies of their debate opponents and the vacuousness of their … Continue reading

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Hard ‘n Phirm’s “American Dinosaur”

In “honor” of Veterans Day, I thought this song would be appropriate… Hard ‘n Phirm showing true old school patriotism for the truly original native americans. (I have not found the lyrics yet, but when I do, I’ll update this)

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Jackson Browne’s “Rebel Jesus”

This week’s Music Monday song is an oldie, but a goodie… For those who know me, or this blog, you can assume the song should not be judged at face value… At least not until you’ve gotten past the first … Continue reading

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Damn, missed again…

One day a priest and a nun went golfing. The first hole the priest missed an extremely easy put. He shouted, “Damn, missed again.” The nun, shocked, warned him “God will get you for that.” The next hole the same … Continue reading

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