These Things I Believe – Energy

Today’s post is essentially just a random list of beliefs I hold related to energy. There really is no specific purpose behind this post, other than it happens to be an idea I had to collect some thoughts for a more thorough article some time later…

  • We must reduce our dependency on oil starting right now
  • Long term for automobiles we need fully electric, hydrogen, and possibly other fuel sources
  • We should strive for a day where we use no fossil fuels at all
  • Wind and Solar power are great ideas, and we need to invest heavily in these technologies
  • But they will not be the ultimate solution for long term sustainable energy, only part of it
  • We need to get past our irrational fears of nuclear power, and begin building a new generation of nuclear power plants
  • Some portion of this power generated from these new plants will be used to be the “battery charger” for the all-electric and hydrogen powered cars
  • If we are not on the right direction, towards this plan or one similar to it, within a one or two decades, it may very well be too late

About Rodibidably

Jeff Randall is a frequent volunteer for free-thought organizations, including the Center For Inquiry – DC. Having been blogging since January 2008, he decided that a community of bloggers would be an interesting new experience (or at the very least a fun way to annoy his friends into reading his posts more frequently). Since finding out about about the existence of, and then joining, the atheist/skeptic community in 2007 he has been committed to community activism, critical thinking in all aspects of life, science, reason, and a fostering a secular society.
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