Quote of the Moment

I came across this one on the JREF forums, on a post I began. It made me laugh out loud, and one co-worker to ask me what the hell I was doing. As such, I felt it was a good one to share:

I think people who believe in gods and souls are delusional at best and insane at worst, and have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to make rational decisions; I therefore treat them with extreme caution, and would be uncomfortable in any situation where I must rely on them to make rational decisions. – AntiTelharsic

About Rodibidably

Jeff Randall is a frequent volunteer for free-thought organizations, including the Center For Inquiry – DC. Having been blogging since January 2008, he decided that a community of bloggers would be an interesting new experience (or at the very least a fun way to annoy his friends into reading his posts more frequently). Since finding out about about the existence of, and then joining, the atheist/skeptic community in 2007 he has been committed to community activism, critical thinking in all aspects of life, science, reason, and a fostering a secular society.
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